Monday, May 3, 2010

back to work...

It's Monday and back to work - still managed to get my treadmill and exercise in today though and after exercise after lunch reading was 74. Last night I kind of splurged over my calorie intake. I was good on carbs and fat but just consumed too many calories.

So - I went to Calorie King and figured out how much exercise it would take to get me back on track before I went to bed. Turns out I just needed to do 35 minutes of moderate exercise to burn off the calories. So, while I watched The Celebrity Apprentice, I did 40 minutes on my exercise bike at about 15 mph.

I actually felt good after I finished and didn't go to bed feeling guilty for eating too much :) Go Brett on the Apprentice, he dodged another bullet. Hopefully he's getting better in the real world.

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