Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dreamfields Pasta --- I'm in heaven!

If you haven't tried Dreamfields Pasta, I highly recommend going out today and buying it. This is the best pasta I've tried so far. In fact I am now buying it from Amazon - they have great prices when you purchase the cases. First, I went to my local market and bought just 1 of each variety. They have spaghetti, linguini, rotini, penne, elbow, lasagne, angel hair. They don't have farfalle (bow ties). The cool thing about this pasta? It's only 5 sugar impacting carbs per serving! I know that's hard to believe but it's true. It is delicious. My hubby says he can't tell the difference from regular pasta.... and he's a pasta fiend!

This is truly the answer if you are missing out on pasta.

BTW - my reading have been great - lost 20 pounds and my average BS is 103 for 60 days. I go for my A1C in July and I'm hoping to surprise the doc.

have a great weekend!